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6 badminton challenges you can do at home 🏸 

The badminton clubs are closed. We miss playing, and we are sure you do as well. 

But with a little creativity, you can still keep playing. And have some fun in the process. 

We have searched the internet and collected 6 challenges you can do at home. And since all we have is time right now, we are challenging you to try them! 🏸 

Without further to do, let's kick things off with Challenge #1.

Challenge #1: The Coffee Cup Challenge 

This one is quite simple but really entertaining. For this challenge you will need your racket, 1 shuttle and 1 coffee cup.

Here's how it's done: 

The challenge has one goal: hit the shuttle in the cup. Simple, but also quite difficult. 

This challenge has been running for some time on social media. To share your attempt, use the hashtag #gripfixer and #coffeecupchallenge ☕️ 

Challenge #2: The Serve Challenge 

The next challenge is all about showing off your service skills. It's a bit complicated, so here's a video to show you how it's done. 


For The Serve Challenge, you will need your racket12 shuttles, tape, your phone (to time your attempt) and a wall. 

Measure 152cm from the floor up. Put a strip of tape, horizontally, on the wall. Measure 12cm up from that strip of tape (164cm from the floor), and place another strip of tape there. That's the net!


Now, step back 2 meters. Grab your racket, line the 12 shuttles up and start the timer! 


The goal of this drill is, to hit the 12 shuttles inside the "net" as fast as you can. If you miss the net, serve the shuttle again.

The Serve Challenge has also been shared a lot on social media, so use the hashtag #servechallenge and #gripfixer to show us your skills 💪

Challenge #3: Wall Work Challenge - Part 1 

The Wall Work Challenge can be done in a number of different ways. We'll show you two. To kick this challenge off, we'll do the easiest version first. 

We have made a video to show you exactly how it's done. Check it out ⬇️ 


Share your attempt using the hashtag #wallworkchallenge and #gripfixer. Good luck - see if you can beat our score of 41 😁

Challenge #4: Wall Work Challenge - Part 2: Box version 

Alright, here comes the difficult version. And this one requires pinpoint precision. Check it out: 

We counted 31 in the video (which might be a bit inaccurate, the shuttle goes fast 😄). See if you can beat that! 

Try to follow the tips. Especially regarding the elbow and the size of your swings. 

Use the hashtag #wallworkbox to show us your attempt 🏸

Challenge #5: The Flip Catch Challenge 

Things are getting heated now - this one is hard. 

The Flip Catch Challenge is all about coordination. And maybe a bit of luck. 

Here's how you do it: 

Place a shuttle on the strings of your racket. Flip the racket while hitting the shuttle with the handle. Catch the shuttle on the strings. Easy, right? 

Perhaps not. To show you how it's done, take a look at this video: 

It will probably take some practice to successfully complete this challenge - but hey, we've got a lot of time right now, so there's no excuse 😊 Plus, it looks pretty cool! 

Use the hashtag #flipcatchchallenge to show us your attempt. 

Challenge #6: The Toilet Paper Juggle Challenge 

We'll finish off on a fun note. If you haven't guessed it by the name, the last challenge will have you throwing rolls of toilet paper up in the air. 

You will need 2 rackets and 2 rolls of toilet paper. 

Take a look at how it's done: 

While there is no shuttle involved, juggling toilet paper requires a lot of coordination and focus. It might not be the most effective badminton exercise, but it's fun and a great way to keep your coordination at par - until you can return to the badminton court. 

Use the hashtag #jugglechallenge to share your juggling skills 😎

So, here we are. 6 challenges you can do at home. We hope you'll try them out and we can't wait to see your videos 😊 


Anyone who shares their own video on Facebook or Instagram doing one of these challenges will receive a 15% discount code on Use one of the hashtags and use #gripfixer - then we'll send you the discount code. 

We will share the videos through our story on Instagram (with your permission of course). 

Stay safe, good luck and have fun!